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Portugal Holiday and vacation Villa rentals - Vacation Rentals mostly located in Lisbon, Algrave and the Green coast. Book your holiday Villa rental in Portugal at www.rentavilla.com

Villa Rentals and Luxury villas in the Algarve

Enclosed by ranges of hills to the North, the Algarve has a climate, culture, and scenery very different from the rest of Portugal. Its stunning coastline and year-round mild weather, maintained by warm sea and air currents from nearby North Africa, make it one of the most popular vacation destinations in southern Europe. The area is famous for its wonderful seafood, its picturesque towns along the coast and its wonderful beaches. The Algarve offers an unsual blend of simple traditional houses and elegant villas. We have a wide variety of Holiday rentals and luxury vacation Villas to choose from.

Rent a Villa Costa de Prata - Portugal

Located directly north of Lisbon is Costa De Prata. Known for its vineyards and expanding commerce, it’s a popular vacation destination. The fishing village of Nazare, the sandy beaches along the Pinhal de Leiria forest, the charming old town of Leiria and Tomar which is only a day trip away from Lisbon, are just a few of the highlights in this region of Portugal. Renting a villa in this area is perfect for discovering this rich and diverse region of Portugal. We have a wide variety of properties, Villa rentals, holiday homes rentals and Manor houses to choose from.

Holiday Villa Rentals Green coast - Porto

Known as the birthplace of the nation of Portugal, the Green Coast has two of the country’s most historic cities. Its first capital is Guimaraes and Braga is the country’s religious center. Life in this area is very traditional. You’re sure to be treated as a special guest in our villa rentals, Holiday homes rentals and Manor houses rentals where the service is some of the best in Europe!

Villa rentals Lisbon coast - Portugal

The rocky Atlantic coast, the forests of Sintra and the countryside dotted with villas and castles continue to bring tourists to the Lisbon Coast. When Lisbon became capital in 1256, Portuguese kings and nobles built summer palaces and villas to the west of the city. Our villa rentals give you a feeling of what it might have been like for them. We have a wide variety of Luxury Holiday rentals, traditional houses, manor houses and apartments to choose from!