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Rentavilla.com provides a large selection of Villa rentals in Italy, Tuscany villas, Lakes, villa, Umbria villas, amalfi coast villa rentals from budget to luxury villas.

Italian Villas on the Amalfi coast -Luxury holiday

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Amalfi, vacation homes in Positano,the Italian coast. Find your Amalfi coast Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above. We have many choice properties on the Amalfi coast. Everything from apartments in town to lavish villas in the countryside can be rented for your home away from home. All have splendid views of the bay, the island of Capri, and/or the mountain hovering over Napoli. Italy is beckoning The Appenine spur stretches between Gragnano and Salerno and is punctuated with the lovely island of Capri off the tip. All along this jagged mountainous coastline are steep cliffs that meet ravines and there taper off to form small semi-circles of sand. Clustered around these stream-fed beaches are small towns and villages, their colorful houses clinging to the rocks and each other, making a collage of color and form stacked skyward from the aquamarine sea. Because of the topography the beauty and charm of these communities is unique and stunning. The Romans were the first to realize that this was not only a major maritime crossroads, but that it had potential to be a highly sought-after place to live, where the aristocracy could idle their time away in luxury. Thus sumptuous villas began to be built as early as the first century A.D.

Florence Luxury holday villa rentals and apartment

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Florence, vacation homes in the Florentine hills,the Tuscan countryside of Forence. Find your Florence Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above. Florence is truly one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Walking through the winding cobblestone streets you are transported back 400 years to medieval Italy. The heart of the city is the dense, very old, historic center. Since the center of the city is compact it is easy to enjoy on foot. Walk from the magnificient Piazza del Duomo south through the Piazza della Signoria to the world famous Ponte Vecchio bridge over the river Arne. Florence is a world famous mecca for those who delight in history and the arts, so you will find it somewhat crowded during the summer months. Try going in April, May, September or October to enjoy Florence to the fullest. Most of our apartments in Florence are located in or very near the center of the city. In addition to apartments in the city we have houses and villas located just outside the city. Or if you are looking for a more country experience browse through our selection of villas and farmhouses under the Tuscany button. From these you can take easy day trips in to Florence.

Italian Holiday Villas Italian Lakes - Italy

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in the Italian Lakes, vacation homes on lake Como,Lake Maggiore and lake Garda. Find your Italian lake Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above. For 2,000 years the rich and sensitive have come to northern Italy to enjoy the beauty of the Lake District. Here they built castles and villas on the shores of the many lakes, enjoying the mild climate and typical Mediterranean vegetation against a marvelous mountain backdrop. This region is mostly a huge valley called the Great Plain of Lombardy and the Po Plain that was carved out by vast glaciers between the Alps and the Apennines. It's actually bordered by five nations including France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Historically the area has been under immense pressure for dominance. Being a rich region of resources, kings and rulers over many centuries fought endlessly for power and land here. Italians are fiercely regional, thinking of themselves first as Tuscans, Milanese, Umbrians, etc., rather than Italians. Yet they're all bound together by a single language and supported by the great Catholic religion whose seat is Rome. But this northern part of Italy has always been separated from the Italian Peninsula and even now with the post World War II economic recovery the area has prospered so much that there are complaints that it's carrying the less prosperous south.

Villas rentals in Liguria - Luxury Villas Italy

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in the Italian coast of Liguria, vacation homes in Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera.Find your luxury Italian lake Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above. Liguria is one of the smallest regions of Italy. It runs along the northwestern coast, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Mountains separate it from Piedmont to the north, while it joins Tuscany to the south. Genoa, the home of Christopher Columbus, is the northernmost city, and Lerici is the southernmost. This region is most famous for The Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is isolated and unique. Because of high steep cliffs that slope rapidly to the deep sea, covered with terraced hills of vineyards, olive groves and clusters of gaily colored houses honeycombing the rocks, the villages are far removed from the hustle and bustle of the French Riviera and the many famous cities of Italy. Because of the severe terrain, the roads are pretty impassible which accounts for the pristine unspoiled character of the area. Most visitors arrive either by train, ferry or footpath. The train stops in each of the five villages which are only 5 minutes apart from each other.

Villas and apartments holiday rentals in Rome

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Rome, vacation homes in the Rome countryside.Find your Italian Villa, house or Apartment luxury rental now by clicking on the link above. Rome is a vibrant exciting city, where the people live life at a frenetic pace. The city offers an incredible wealth of history, with ancient ruins mingled with modern buildings. Enjoy the splendors of Rome in a sophisticated city center rental, or experience the dynamic of Roman familial living in a neighborhood rental. Church history buffs would enjoy an apartment in an historical building within walking distance of St. Peters or the Vatican.

Luxury villa rentals Tuscany - Italy

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Tuscany,Italian Villas near Florence, Siena or Lucca.Find your luxury Tuscan Villa, house or Apartment rental now by clicking on the link above. Tuscany is the region central to Italy, bordering the western coast along the Mediterranean Sea. Tuscan cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, together with smaller towns like Lucca, Cortona and Arezzo, contain some of Italy's most famous artistic treasures. Medieval villages such as San Gimigniano, Asciano, and Vescovado di Murlo are at the heart of the glorious pastoral countryside for which the region is equally renowned. Tuscany has some of the most beautiful farm country in the world. Picturesque villages punctuate the rolling hills of fields. It is famous for its rich cheeses, crusty breads, many types of olive oils, luscious fruits, unique pastas and Chianti wines. Tuscans celebrate the joy of living with great gusto. Every season of the year has its special festas, foods, flavors and aromas. Staying in an old farmhouse with stone walls two feet thick and a rustic beamed ceiling may be the most authentic way of experiencing Italian countryside cuisine, culture and history. From a farmhouse you can truly feel part of the Italian countryside or you can drive to Florence or Siena to experience the wealth of museums, public art and historic churches.

Italian Villas and luxury villa rentals in Umbria

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Umbria,Italian Villas near Perugia.Find your luxury Umbria Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above.

Luxury holiday apartment rentals in Venice

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Venice,luxury holiday Apartments on the Grand Canal,San Marco square or Rialto bridge.Find your Villa, house or Apartment rental in Venice now by clicking on the link above. Venice, the lagoon city that rose to become Europe's most powerful merchant empire, is unique and unforgettable. When the Roman Empire collapsed in the 5th century, barbarians swept across Italy. Thousands left their homes in the interior and took refuge on dozens of flat islands around a lagoon on the Adriatic Sea. Over the centuries they built a thriving economy on fish and salt and their camps developed into clusters of solid buildings placed on wooden pilings driven deep into the mud. The city is divided into six districts or regions. San Marco is the most fashionable and contains the major historical buildings. San Polo is the center of commercial activities. Castello and Cannaregeo are mostly residential areas. Others are Santa Croce and Dorsoduro. Each has its own personality and charm. Take a look at our Venice apartments and consider visiting this fascinating city.

Villa rentals in Apulia - Luxury holiday villas

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Apulia,Holiday Apartments and Villas near the sea in Apulia.Find your Luxury Apulia Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above.

Luxury Holiday Villa Rentals in Emilia Romagna

Rentavilla.com provides Italian Villa rentals in Emilia Romagna,holiday Apartments and Villas near Bologna.Find your Emilia Romagna luxury Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above.

Villa Rentals in Sicily - Luxury Villas Sicily

Rentavilla.com provides Luxury Villa rentals in Sicily,Italian Apartments and Villas near the sea.Find your Italian Holiday Villa, house or Apartment now by clicking on the link above.