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Luxury Holiday Villas and Apartments rentals in France - Vacation and holiday Rentals mostly located in Paris, Provence, French Riviera, Dordogne, Ile de Re, Basque country and Loire Valley. Book your luxury French Villa or Apartment at www.rentavilla.com

France Villas

Whether you are looking for a French Villa in Provence, Avignon, an Apartment in Paris - France,a luxury French Villa on the French Riviera, a house in the French countryside, click on one of the links below and start your search for your France Villa rental now!

Paris apartments rentals

Paris, scintillating city of sophisticated pleasures, is best loved and most appreciated by its citizens. Enjoy your vacation as a Parisian living in an 18th century apartment. We have plenty of lovely French Villas for you to choose from! Stroll the streets buying the freshest flowers to grace your table, selecting the best bread from the boulangerie, and choosing the chic garment from the boutique to wear at dinner that evening. There are a great variety of museums, shops and sidewalk cafes to fill your day. Paris, the City of Lights, also offers sophisticated entertainment after the sun goes down. Be a citizen of Paris for one of the most exciting of urban adventures and book your home way from home now. We will be happy to give you the best suggestions for your Paris apartment rental, French Villa in the Marais, the left bank or elsewhere.

French Villas in Provence

Throughout history Provence has captured the hearts of visitors with its unending sunshine and blue skies, its rich soil that produces some of the finest fruits and vegetables in Europe, and its relaxed lifestyle that could make you want to stay a lifetime. Our wonderful French Villas reach from Avignon to Aix en Provence, St. Remy, and Apt. From these Villa rentals you’ll be able to explore all the charm that this region has to offer. Visitors will taste Provence through its olive oil, garlic, wines such as Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas, and perfumed herbs.Check our French Villas in Provence now!

FRance Villa rentals on the French Riviera

The French Riviera or the Cote d´Azur, is perhaps the world´s most renowned coastline. Stretching along the Mediterranean from St. Tropez to Monaco, the French Riviera is the playground of the world´s rich and famous. This is an area where people watching has been refined to an art. After people watching, stroll through the ancient medieval towns of Antibes and St. Tropez. Visit Cannes where the world famous film festival is held each year. Drive up to Monte Carlo to see the opulent casino and the ever-present fleet of magnificent yachts. Then, when you feel the need to get away from it all, retire to your French villa and relax by the pool with its sweeping panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the off-shore islands. We have plenty of Villa rentals on the French Riviera. So, relax and click on the link below to start your search for the ideal French Villa rental in southern France!

French Villas in the Loire Valley

France's Pays de Loire beckons lovers of architecture, fine wines, history and art. This is an enchanted land, its rich valley soil and softest of climates dividing the north of France from the south. Here you find chateaux built for the kings of France, and a myriad of small and artistic villages to amble through. In the Loire Valley, we have a collection of fine vacation and Holiday Villa rentals and Chateaux Rentals

Luxury Dordogne Villa rentals

We at RentaVilla.com are delighted to invite you to the amazing Dordogne region of France. Flights from Paris to Bordeaux take about an hour, or you can take the TGV in three hours. Another 90 minutes by car puts you in Perigueux. We have numerous cottages, chateaux, manor houses, and villas in the villages of Leguillac de Lauche, Perigueux, Beynac, Sarlat, Les Eyzies, Belves, Saint-Cyprien, Monplaisant, and Domme.

Villas rentals on Ile de Re in France

Ile de Re shares the privilege with the Cote d'Azur of being one of the sunniest regions of France. Its climate is mild, and the temperature almost never goes below freezing. Its vegetation is surprisingly southern, almost Mediterranean. We have a wide variety of Villa rentals to choose from on Ile de Re.

Holiday Villa Rentals in the Basque Region

It is an enchanting triangle of greenery and water, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees, very near the Spanish border. A strange living language with very enigmatic voicing is still spoken there, residential architecture is a model of rare beauty and the inhabitants are a proud people. Discover our Holiday rentals in the Basque Region now!

Holiday Rentals in Languedoc-Roussillon

The Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the most interesting areas of France. It borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south. Because of it's location, it benefits from an exceptional climate (a "Mediterranean Climate") and has an unusually rich wildlife, a spectacular coast, and surprising history. There are many things to do and see in this area of France. Some of them include mountains, rivers and lakes, ancient cities, towns, villages, thermal springs, abbeys, and cathedrals, châteaux and castles, notably the famous mountain fortresses popularly known as Cathar Castles. Don't forget it possesses a number of World Heritage sites, including Carcassonne, the Canal du Midi, and the Pont du Gard.