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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we get a catalog of your properties?

We have decided to offer a web catalog instead of printing one. In this way we can keep it constantly updated and more accurate than a printed version. So bookmark us and come back to our site often to see what is new and different!

Do we work with travel agents?

Yes, absolutely. We are please to work with travel agents in arranging their client´s accommodations. Please give us a call at (800) 654-0269 or email us to let us help arrange a property.

Can we rent for less than a week, and is the rental period always Saturday to Saturday?

Normal rentals are one week, Saturday to Saturday. Occasionally villa owners are willing to bend this rule (either for rentals of less than a week or to allow mid-week departures), especially if it is off-season. Further, apartment rentals in some markets (such as Rome and Paris) are commonly done for less than a week.

Can we use a credit card to pay for the rental?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. Most rental agencies will only accept checks, but we want you to get as much mileage credit as possible so you can come back and enjoy another vacation soon!

What differences can we expect between a European and an American apartment or house?

Clients most often comment on the incredible feeling of living amidst the deep layers of European culture and history. However, they also mention that the luxury they most miss is an American-style shower. European houses usually have a tub with a shower wand, instead of a separate shower. Along with the charm and history you may also find old plumbing and you might need to be patient with the drains.

Are linens provided?

Yes, linens are provided, however, washcloths or mitts are usually not provided in Europe.

Is the kitchen fully equipped/is there a washer & dryer?

Kitchens are usually equipped with the basics. That would include a sink, stove top, maybe an oven, 4 to 6 settings of dishes, glasses and flatware, a sauce pan, frying pan, basic cooking utensils, maybe a coffee maker. If you are looking for a property that has a well-equipped kitchen, watch for ones that mention they are a family home.

Washers are often found at rental properties, however, because of the very high energy costs, dryers are not and most people air dry their laundry.

Do appliances work the same in Europe?

Generally European appliances work the same as their US counterparts. However, we suggest that at the time of checking into the property the client ask the local representative how to use appliances so as not to have any confusion later.

What happens if we break something while we are in the house?

On departure you should inform the local representative of the damage. The owner will arrange the repair and will provide us with a receipt. We will then send the receipt on to you for payment.

What are the beds like in Europe?

European beds are often a little shorter than standard US beds. It is also common to push two twin beds together instead of having a single king size bed.

How do I pay for the rental?

See the How Renting Works page.

What is the cancellation policy?

See the Booking Contract page.

How will we know how to find the property and will someone be there to show us around?

You will get directions to the property about 3 weeks before you leave on your trip and depending on the property there is normally a local representative there to show you around. You can get more information on the arrival process on the How Renting Works page.

What coverage does the travel insurance provide?

See the Insurance Coverage page.

How far in advance should we book?

Booking 6 to 9 months in advance is ideal. Availability is still very good that far in advance and the owners have normally set prices and know their plans for the property.

Is there a price break for rentals of longer than a week?

Long-term price breaks normally start at one month.

What happens if we have a problem during our stay?

If there is any problem with the property call the local representative immediately. If the problem is not resolved within 24 hours, please call us. We can´t help fix a problem if we don´t know about it!

Do you have any references, floor plans or additional pictures?

Depending on the property we may be able to provide additional information. If you want more detail please give us a call.

What is the check-in and check-out time?

Normally check-in is between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. Checkout is normally by 10 a.m. on Saturday morning. In between, the properties are cleaned so please try not to arrive before 3 p.m.

Is maid service included?

For most properties a weekly cleaning and change of linens is included. Depending on the property more service may be included. If more is included it will be shown on the property detail page.

Are additional staff (e.g. maids and/or cooks) available?

For most properties additional staff are available at an additional cost.

Do you arrange airline reservations?

Sorry, no we don't.

Do you arrange car or cell phone reservations?

Yes to both! For more details please visit the Auto and Cell Phone Rental age.

Do we need a car / can we walk into town?

For rentals outside a major city most people will want the convenience of their own car. However, Europe has a much better public transport system than the US, so look at the detailed property information to get an idea of what the options are for the particular property.

Can I see the property before I rent it?

It is our policy not to give out the addresses of the properties we rent until after a Booking Contract has been signed.


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