Tres Beau Manoir

A royal manor to remember

Tres Beau Manoir

Perigueux, France

Tres Beau Manoir, the name says it all. Deep inside the surrounding forests and meadows and prairies which populate its grounds, the Perigeux Manor sits in the midst of natural beauty and peace. Built specifically to be a retreat, Tres Beau Manoir still offers its guests the tranquility and peace as it did centuries ago.

dining room

Dining fit for a king!

Inside, this elegant 17th century Manor house reflects a style from long ago that has managed to survive in a very rare and charming way. Every element of the Manor collaborates to create a welcoming and warm, yet sophisticated and elegant home.

Tres Beau Manoir

A place for rest & relaxation

Being located just 10km outside Perigueux, in the heart of the Dordogne, the Manor is within close proximity to the main tourist sites of the Perigord. Surrounded by 12 hectares of prairies and woodlands, this property has always been a place for rest and relaxation. Its rare charm has been preserved over time.



Travel safely

Travel Safety

Wherever you travel, whether at home or abroad, here are a few common sense safety guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the neighborhood you're in. There are good and not-so-good neighborhoods in every city in the world. Most rented vehicles now come equipped with G.P.S. (a built-in navigational system) to help you find addresses and tourist sites. Getting lost and finding yourself in a bad part of town is unpleasant and can be downright dangerous.
  • If you wear glasses, pack an extra pair. Bring them and any medicines you need in your carry-on luggage. Always try to travel light. You can move more quickly and will be more likely to have a free hand. You will also be less tired and less likely to set your luggage down, leaving it unattended.
  • Bring travelers checks and one or two major credit cards instead of cash. Pack an extra set of passport photos along with a photocopy of your passport's information page to make replacement of your passport easier in the event it is lost or stolen.
  • Take a mobile phone with you. When you travel from the United States to Europe you can arrange to have a rental phone sent to you before departure (see It's easy enough to make a short list of numbers to keep in your pocket for emergencies, contacts at your destinations, friends to rendezvous with, etc. It's not only handy, but a lot safer when you can be reached at any time, and have the ability to call out.
  • Keep your cash, passports, visas, and credit cards secure. When traveling abroad, I prefer to wear a specially designed belt (available at travel and luggage stores) under my clothing. Choose to carry zippered purses and bags that hug the body, rather than open bags or purses with straps that hang over your shoulder. Put your name, address and telephone numbers inside and outside of each piece of luggage. Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity or nationality. If possible, lock your luggage.
  • Don't leave packages, purses, cameras, or bags unattended. A purse carelessly slung over the back of a chair in a busy restaurant may not be there when you get ready to leave. Setting a package on the ground while posing for a picture may be all the encouragement a thief needs to grab and run. Or setting your camera down to straighten your husband's collar before taking another picture may be just enough distraction to lose it.

Overall, travel in Europe can be at least as safe as in the United States. But the loss of a purse or a package can be a real downer when the whole purpose of your holiday is to feel free and enjoy new experiences with the people you love. As in every mixing of peoples around the world, common sense is the best rule to take along to make your trip safe and pleasant.



Emmanuel & Yohan

Emmanuel & son Yohan

Dear Travelers,

The staff is glad to introduce some new regions of France: Basque country and Ile de Re. For those of you who have already experienced Paris and the South of France, we highly recommend that you consider exploring these regions also.

We are currently working on improving our website with a new look and wonderful new features which will allow you to find more quickly the property of your dreams. We also just started using Google maps for each property listing to make it easier than ever to locate a property, zoom in and out, and even use the Satellite feature to get a better feel for the areas you would like to explore.

Happy travels,

Emmanuel de Ricard, President


For a Little Laugh

a little laugh

Never tick off a guy with a backhoe!


Montsoreau cave cottage

View of the river at Beynac

Dordogne River Valley,

The Dordogne River Valley is a gourmand's paradise, offering most exceptional food and drink. Mouth-watering specialties include a variety of splendid dishes of goose, foie gras, the rich wines of Cahors and Bergeracois, potatoes glazed with goose fat, eggs baked with freshly picked wild cepes, and truffles. No wonder it's a favorite area for holidays, one that offers a very unique and rich experience.

Here in the southwest of France, along the banks of the beautiful Dordogne, life is somehow sweeter, calmer, and slower, and there is an emphasis on quality of life that I'm not accustomed to. Everything seems to have been reduced to an exquisite richness, just like a good sauce, where even the weak U.S. dollar goes farther. Maybe it's the setting that forces the cares of this world to take a back seat. The river is the epitome of serenity as it meanders along, unfolding breathtaking views of rich farmland punctuated with small villages here and there.

fortified church

Fortified church Saint-Amand-de-Coly near Sarlat

The architecture of the entire region reflects the long and bitter struggle between Catholics and Protestants. After many invasions, chateau, castles, cathedrals, and even entire villages have been remarkably fortressed. As you tour, keep in mind that Saint-Amand-de-Coly near Sarlat, one of the prettiest towns in the Dordogne, includes a supreme example of a fortified Romanesque church standing high above the roofs of the village. Founded in the twelfth century by an Augustinian canon, it is an amazing example of military architecture. A moat runs all the way around it. A passage once followed the eaves, with numerous positions for archers and blind stairways to mislead any would-be invaders. It is now open to the public, and you who are not afraid of heights are encouraged to ascend one of the secret staircases that leads to a gallery and an outstanding view of the surrounding village and countryside beyond.

The tiny town of Les Eyzies was made famous in the nineteenth century by the discovery of the Cro-Magnon Man from the Palaeolithic era. Nearby limestone caves display astonishing rock paintings left by these prehistoric peoples.

We at are delighted to invite you to the amazing Dordogne region of France. Flights from Paris to Bordeaux take about an hour, or you can take the TGV in three hours. Another 90 minutes by car puts you in Perigueux. We have numerous cottages, chateaux, manor houses, and villas in the villages of Leguillac de Lauche, Perigueux, Beynac, Sarlat, Les Eyzies, Belves, Saint-Cyprien, Monplaisant, and Domme.


Casa Pescatore

Imagine yourself living here.

Casa Pescatore

San Siro-Menaggio / Lake Como, Italy

Casa Pescatore is an extremely pretty original fisherman's house, on Lake Como, next to the pebbled shore, and above the water. It is situated in the picturesque public lake resort of San Siro on the northwest side of the lake. It consists of 2 double bedrooms with loft that has 2 single beds, a seprate studio bedroom, and 3 bathrooms.

Casa Pescatore is a charming accommodation. Its stylish interior is comfortably decorated. The main house has a painted wooden boat that adorns the kitchen ceiling. Main floor: A kitchen/dining room with balconies and access to the panoramic terrace. Upper floor: an additional living room with balcony, a bathroom (bathtub/hydro massage), and a double bedroom with ensuite bathroom (shower). Top floor: a double bedroom with gallery with 2 additional single beds suitable for kids, and a bathroom, (the gallery is inside the double bedroom). Casa Pescatore is equipped with a TV (regional channels), dishwasher, bathtub with hydro massage, terrace, loggia with wooden table and six chairs, sauna (external entrance), and a large outdoor terrace for sunbathing, with BBQ. A studio apartment (new in 2002) that has a separate entrance can be rented in conjunction with the main house. It contains a kitchenette with table, double bed, bathroom with shower and a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake.

"I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Casa Pescatore in Lake Como the first two weeks in September. The villa was absolutely perfect for our family. It was exquisitely decorated, very comfortable and in an ideal location for relaxation and day trips around the lake. I would love to stay there again and would definitely recommend your services and this villa in particular. Thank you for your help in providing a dream come true vacation for us!".

- SM, Portage, MI.

"It was Wonderful!".

-D.V. Key Biscayne, Florida.



Red Pear Tart

Fresh & tasty summer salad

Lauren Bacall's Spinach and Sesame Salad

1⁄2 cup chicken broth
1 Tbsp sesame seeds
1 Tbsp tahini (sesame paste)
1 tsp dark sesame oil
1 1⁄2 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce
1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp peeled and finely chopped fresh ginger
1 pound spinach, washed, stemmed and dried
1⁄4 pound mushrooms, wiped clean and thinly sliced (about 1 cup)
1 large ripe tomato, sliced into thin wedges
freshly ground black pepper

Boil the chicken broth in a small saucepan until only 2 Tbsp remain, about 7 minutes. At the same time, toast the sesame seeds in a small, ungreased skillet over medium-low heat until golden, about 3 minutes. Set the sesame seeds aside.

Make the dressing by mixing the tahini and sesame oil in a small bowl. Whisk in the reduced chicken broth, soy sauce, lemon juice, and ginger.

Put the spinach and mushrooms in a large bowl. Sprinkle the tomatoes with salt and pepper and add to the bowl. Pour the dressing over all of it, grind in some more pepper, and toss well. Scatter the sesame seeds over the salad and serve.
Serves 6

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