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From January 2003 to October 2008

Chateau de Loire + Coach House

October 2008
Italy is waiting for you...

Chateau rental in Loire Valley ~ Plan to tour Italy, Part II ~ Money Saving Travel Tips ~ renting Casa Mercatale testimonials ~ Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Panini

Villa Kofinas - Gramos Suite

September 2008
2008 Olympics Inspire Travel

Vacation rentals Santorini ~ Plan to tour Italy - Part I ~ The Olympics Inspire us to travel! ~ Villa Tordelli - Tuscany ~ Deep Fried, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Villa Kofinas - Gramos Suite

August 2008
Feel like a Summertime Winecooler?

St Thomas Vacation rental ~ Flamboyant Mexico, Part II ~ A primer on passports, Part II ~ Villa Nuovo, renting in Italian Lakes ~ Sparkling Wine Coolers

Villa Alma Pacifica

July 2008
Why not plan Christmas in July?

Renting in Cabo ~ Flamboyant Mexico, Part I ~ A primer on passports, Part I ~ Cinque Terre Delight, vacation rental Liguria ~ Sliced Tomatoes with Avocado, Red Onion, and Parsley

Villa Alma Pacifica

June 2008
Dordogne is a Gourmand's Paradise

Vacation rentals Dordogne ~ Dordogne River Valley, France ~ Travel Safety ~ Casa Pescatore, Lake Como ~ Lauren Bacall's Spinach and Sesame Salad

Villa Alma Pacifica

May 2008
Travel is an Opportunity to Leave the Norm Behind

Mykonos Vacation rentals ~ Loire Valley, France ~ Wise words from Emily Kaufman ~ Apartment Tour Maubourg,renting Paris Apartment ~ Sour Cream-Apple Muffins

Villa Alma Pacifica

April 2008
Don't let the shrinking American dollar keep you from travel

Vacation rental Apulia ~ Rome, Italy ~ Making the Most of Your Travel Dollars ~ Villa Brunello, renting in Tuscany ~ Red Pear Tart

Villa Eikon

March 2008
Multigenerational travel is a new trend

Villa Eikon - Renting in Mykonos ~ Emilia Romagna ~ Multigenerational Travel ~ Villa Bienvenido, vacation rental Puerto Vallarta ~ Pomarola Sauce

Romagna Estate - Casa Haute

February 2008
An opportunity to make 2008 outstanding!

Romagna Estate - Casa Haute, vacation rentals Emilia Romagna ~ On a Philosophical Note... ~ Packing List ~ Paella Valenciana de la Huerta ~ Villa David, renting in the Italian Lakes

Romagna Estate - Casa Haute

January 2008
Become a modern day European explorer!

Villa Lucchese, vacation rental Lucca ~ The Age of Exploration ~ Telephone Tips ~ Pomegranate-Avocado Salsa with Spiced Chips ~ Christian Dior Chateau - Renting on Cote d'Azur

Austrian Delight

December 2007
The Delights in Provence Remain

Austrian Delight - Vacation rental in Austria ~ Thoughts on Provence ~ The News In Europe ~ Cranberry Tart ~ Casa Pescatore

Austrian Delight

November 2007
Tuscany is still a favorite destination!

Villa Laveno + Guest House ~ Villas near Lucca ~ Travel Blogs ~ Macaroni Pie ~ The Trellis Villa - Vacation rental Provence

Austrian Delight

October 2007
Fall is a great time for travel!

Apartment de La Grande Dame ~ Paris vacation rentals, Revisited ~ Planning your Next Vacation, the Efficient Way ~ Bruschetta with Ammogghiu Sauce ~ Chateau Lierre - Renting in Provence

Villa Pajaro

September 2007
Plan holiday getaways with RentaVilla.com!

Villa Pajaro - Vacation rental Puerto Vallarta ~ Marrakesh, Morocco ~ Wine ~ Mulled Wine ~ Tintoretto - Renting in Venice

Bella Via

August 2007
Summer's going, but bargains are here!

Bella Via - Vacation rental Liguria ~ Eiffel Tower ~ Driving in Europe ~ Villa Flora - Renting in Tuscany ~ Lemon Mousse Damask Tart

Bella Via

July 2007
Is Tuscany your summer destination?

Riad Marrakech ~ Tuscany ~ Jet Lag - Aarrgg! ~ Apartment Marais Delight ~ Provencal Vegetable Soup

Bella Via

June 2007
Estate Villa in St. Thomas is a dream!

The Estate Villa - Caribbean vacation rental ~ Seattle ~ Using a Travel Agent ~ Casa Sintra - Renting near Lisbon ~ Chocolate Belgian Waffles with Brandied Orange Syrup

Villa Twilight

May 2007
Villa Twilight beckons

Villa Twilight - Mexico vacation rental ~ Rome's Culture of Water, Part II ~ Meals in Europe ~ Michelangelo 3 - Renting in Florence ~ Chicken Tortilla Soup

Villa Praiano Bianca

April 2007
Take a walking tour of Rome!

Villa Praiano Bianca - Amalfi vacation rental ~ Rome's Culture of Water, Part I ~ The Diversity of Olive Oil ~ Villa Affascinante - Renting on Lake Como ~ Steak Roulade

Villa Praiano Bianca

March 2007
Spring has sprung at RentaVilla.com!

Villa Vita Dolce ~ Firenze (Florence) Offers Unique Cuisine ~ What's New in Travel Gear, Part II ~ Villa Saint Remy ~ Greek Spinach Pie

Villa Praiano Bianca

February 2007
Take your valentine traveling with RentaVilla.com!

Le Monastere, Aix-en-Provence vacation rental ~ Avignon, France ~ What's New in Travel Gear, Part I ~ Pollo al Vino Rosso ~ Villa Tordelli - renting in Lucca

Crete Estate - Dionysus

January 2007
Start the New Year right with RentaVilla.com!

Crete Estate-Dionysus - Vacation rentals Crete ~ Crete, Greece ~ Why Not Plan a Group Trip! ~ Zuppa D'Agnello ~ Villa David

Crete Estate - Dionysus

December 2006
Merry Christmas from RentaVilla.com!

Villa Magnifica - Lucca vacation rental~ Cannes, France ~ It's that time... ~ Double-Crusted Cranberry-Blueberry Pie ~ Attico Bonito - Renting in Puerto Vallarta

Crete Estate - Dionysus

November 2006
Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at RentaVilla.com!

Villa Reflections - Greece Vacation rental ~ Mykonos, Greece ~ Wine, Part II ~ Italian Sausage, Mushroom, and Sage Stuffing ~ Villa Scogliera - Renting on the Amalfi coast

Villa Pajaro

October 2006
Plan holiday getaways with RentaVilla.com!

VIlla Pajaro - Puerto Vallarta vacation rental ~ Marrakesh, Morocco ~ Wine, Part 1 ~ Mulled Wine ~ Tintoretto - Venice vacation rental

Villa Pajaro

September 2006
Back to school with RentaVilla.com

Apartment Vue St. Germain - Renting in Paris ~ Rome, Italy ~ Enjoy the Food! ~ Yummy Carrot-Pecan Muffins ~ Pieve Hamlet - Italy vacation rental

Le Chapon

August 2006
Summer Fun with RentaVilla.com!

Le Chapon Luberon vacation rental ~ Capri, Italy ~ Traveling with Disabilities ~ Taglionini with Scallops, Cream & Saffron ~ Villa Brunello - renting in Italy

Le Chapon

July 2006
Summer Fun with RentaVilla.com!

Christian Dior Chateau - Vacation rental southern France ~ Sitges, Spain ~ Passports ~ Favorite Barbecue Sauce ~ Villa Saint Remy - Renting in Provence

Le Chapon

June 2006
Enjoy Summer with RentaVilla.com!

Riad Marrakesh 1 - Renting in Morocco~ The Louvre ~ Recommended Travel Books and Web Sites ~ Bacon Wrapped Chicken ~ Palazzo Tritone 3 - Vacation rental Rome

Villa David

May 2006
Plan to travel with RentaVilla!

Villa David ~ The Glorious Amalfi Coast ~ Comfort Guide for Renters of European Properties ~ Mamma's Marinara Sauce ~ Apartment Michael Angelo

Villa Oceano

April 2006
Happy Easter from RentaVilla.com!

Villa Oceano ~ The People of RentaVilla.com ~ Travel Insurance ~ Patate Arrosto ~ Le Bastidon - Vacation rental southern France

Villa Oceano

March 2006
Spring is coming to RentaVilla.com!

Borgo Complex - Tuscany Vacation rentals ~ Provence, Land of Many Personalities ~ Fillet of Salmon with Morel Sauce ~ A Cost Comparison Between Hotel Stays and Villa Rentals ~ Christian Dior Chateau

Villa Bella

February 2006
Love to travel with RentaVilla.com!

Villa Bella ~ Survival Guide for the First-Time Traveler ~ Chestnut and Rice Soup ~ Siena, City of Art ~ Palazzo Tritone 3 - renting in Rome

The Italian Villa

January 2006
Happy New Year from RentaVilla.com!

The Italian Villa - Vacation rental Chianti ~ Siena, City of Art ~ Broccoli Salad ~ Managing Money on Your Travels ~ Villa Saint Remy

Villa Brunello 1

December 2005
Holiday News from RentaVilla.com!

Villa Brunello 1 ~ Puero Vallarta, Mexico ~ Travel Gifts and Crafts ~ The Making of Plum Pudding ~ Apartment Marais Delight

Villa Pajaro

November 2005
Exciting News from Rentavilla.com

Villa Pajaro ~ Italian Lakes ~ Traveling with your pets ~ Recipe: Filets Mignons with Brandy ~ Clients Testimonials

Villa Affascinante

October 2005
Exciting News from RentaVilla.com

Villa Affascinante ~ Italian Lake District ~ French for Beginners ~ Recipe: Crusty Rolls ~ Client Testimonial

Villa Affascinante

September 2005
Travel Opportunities with RentaVilla.com

Villa Sublime ~ Mexican Spanish phrases ~Venice ~ Recipe:Mamma's Marina Sauce ~ ClientTestimonial

Villa Raffaello

August 2005
Summer Vacation at RentaVilla.com!

Villa Raffaello ~ Venice ~ International Driver's Permit ~ Recipe: Limoncello ~ Client Testimonial

Ancient Elegance

July 2005
Summer Vacation at RentaVilla.com!

Ancient Elegance ~ Exploring Flea Markets ~ Telephone Tips ~ Recipe: Oriental Chicken Salad ~ Client Testimonial

Villa Liguria

June 2005
Summer Vacation at RentaVilla.com!

Villa Tyrrhene ~ Lucca, an Italian Gem ~ Planning a Group Trip ~ Recipe: Celebration Pumpkin Cake ~ Client Testimonial

Valdarno - Casa Loggia

May 2005
Plan your vacation with RentaVilla.com!

Casa Loggia ~ The Magical Land of Provence ~ Airports ~ Recipe: Chocolate Tiramisu Cupcakes ~ Client Testimonial

The Trellis Villa

April 2005
Spring has arrived at RentaVIlla.com!

The Trellis Villa ~ The Ligurian Coast ~ Use the Trains ~ Recipe: Deep Fried Zucchini Flowers ~ Client Testimonial

Fuoco 2

March 2005
Greetings from RentaVIlla.com!

Casa Invitare ~ Website Facelift ~ Newsletter Facelift ~ Recipe: Choosing Olive Oils ~ Client Testimonial

Fuoco 2

February 2005
Greetings from VillaNet!

Residence Uccello ~ The Duomo in Florence ~ Toll Booths ~ Recipe: Mini Cilantro Crepe Appetizers ~ Client Testimonial

Apartment Marais Delight

January 2005
Happy New Year from VillaNet!

Marais Delight ~ Paris, City of Light ~ Packing for your trip ~ Recipe: Rosemary Roasted Potatoes ~ Client Testimonial

The Italian Villa

December 2004
Happy Holidays from VillaNet!

Villa Tierra ~ Paris, City of Light (Part 2) ~ Which camera to take on vacation? ~ Recipe: Rack of Lamb ~ Client Testimonial.

Duomo Diva Suite

November 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Duomo Diva Suite ~ Paris City of Light (Part 1) ~ Reflections ~ Recipe: Mignon de Porc ~ Client Testimonial

Lucca Estate - Villa Felice

October 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Felice ~ Tuscany (Part 2) ~ Greetings from the Autostrada ~ Recipe: Amoretto Poached Pear Gelato ~ Client Testimonial

Lucca Estate - Villa Felice

September 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

The Blessed Occasion Villa ~ Tuscany (Part 1) ~ Public Transportation ~ Recipe: Faglioni in Umido ~ Client Testimonial

Lucca Estate - Villa Felice

August 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Vino ~ Let's go to Italy! ~ Fashion outlets in Italy ~ Recipe:Tuscan Appetizers ~ Client Testimonial

Tarascon Manor House

July 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Tarascon Manor House ~ All Roads lead to Rome ~ Inspection Trip Italy ~ Recipe: Pissaladiere ~ Client Testimonial

Tarascon Manor House

June 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Il Palazzo ~ All Roads lead to Rome ~ Cost Comparison between Hotels Stays and Villa Rentals ~ Recipe: Calzone ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Pastoral

May 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Scanni ~ Arezzo is a must see ~ How's the weather? ~ Recipe: Easy Spaghetti Supper ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Brunello

April 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Brunello ~ Weddings in Europe ~ Don't let Euros Stop you! ~ Recipe: Les Ravioles au Chocolat ~ Client Testimonial

Villa Brunello

March 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Apartment Michael Angelo ~ The Genius of Michelangelo (part 2) ~ Stay a while ~ Recipe: Whole Scampi in white wine and Chili ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Brunello

February 2004
Greetings from VillaNet!

Bastide Vue ~ The Genius of Michelangelo (part 1) ~ Travel Insurance ~ Recipe: Ravioli Ignudi ~ Client Testimonial

Michelangelo 3

January 2004
Happy New Year from VillaNet!

Michelangelo Apartment ~ Tuscany ~ Packing ~ Recipe: Burgundy ~ Client Testimonial

Michelangelo 3

December 2003
Happy Christmas from VillaNet!

Apartment Calvaire ~ Fire Proof your Christmas Tree ~ Managing Money in Europe ~ Personality ~ Recipe: French Crepes ~ Client Testimonial


November 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Tintoretto ~ Creating memories with a Scrapbook ~ Recipe: Tiramisu ~ Personality ~ Client Testimonial.

Duomo Theatre Suite

October 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Verdi Santa Croce ~ Jet Lag ~ Personality ~ Recipe: The Soffritto ~ Client Testimonial

Villa Paradise

September 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Paradise ~ Eating in Europe ~(part 2) ~ Recipe: Tuscan Carote ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Paradise

August 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Bellavista ~ Eating in Europe ~ (part 1) ~ Recipe: Summer Fruit Tart ~ Personality ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Paradise

July 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Carkeek Park ~ Driving in Europe ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Ring Cake ~ Client Testimonial.

Villa Paradise

June 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Magnifica ~ Language ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Lamb Chops Provencal ~ Clients Testimonial.

Castello Aragonese - Limoncina

May 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Eagle's nest ~ Traveling with children ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Stuffed and Roasted Cornish Hens ~ Client Testimonial.

Santo Estate - Villa Opera

April 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Villa Opera ~ Cote d'Azur ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Classic Tuscan Flatbread ~ Client Testimonial.

Apartment Marais Delight

March 2003
Greetings from VillaNet!

Apartment de Macap ~ Travel Safely ~ Personality ~ The Louvre Museum ~ Recipe: Zucchini and Tomatoes ~ Client testimonial.

Apartment Marais Delight

February 2003
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

Villa Coeur du Luberon ~ Il Palio di Siena ~ Limousine Service Rome ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Chicken with sweet-onion Cream ~ Client Testimonial.

The Italian Home

January 2003
New Year's Greetings from all of us to you

La Campagna Villa ~ Complete Adapter Kit ~ Personality ~ Recipe: Stuffed Cabbage Leaves ~ Client Testimonial.


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