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Loire Valley

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Chateau Allée

Chauvigny, Vienne

Sleeps 34/50   Baths 11
Internet ✓   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $11,220

Chateau Allée, located just outside Poitiers and sitting on 56 acres, is beautifully appointed and can accommodate groups of up to 50 guests in the main chateau and guest house. This lovely chateau has been fully restored and the common areas along with the bedrooms and suites, are ready to welcome ...more

Chateau Fairytale

Candé, Maine-et-Loire

Sleeps 30/55   Baths 12
Internet ✓   View ✔   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $24,187

Completed as a private residence in 1854, this magnificent chateau rental in the Loire region of France is the jewel of Anjou. The Castle provides guests with luxurious suites for their romantic holiday getaway in France. Designed for superior comfort, each room is brightened by the charm and ...more

Chateau de Loire + Coach House

Beaumont en Veron, Indre-et-Loire

Sleeps 24   Baths 8
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $9,745

20% discount for the dates of July 12-22, 2017

Upon Request: Chef service euro 29 to 40 per person ...more

Chateau St. Martin

Candes Saint Martin, Indre-et-Loire

Sleeps 18/54   Baths 9
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $22,876

Chateau St. Martin is an exceptional property located in the magical Loire Valley of France. The property can accommodate up to 18 guests and consists of the chateau (7 bedrooms), and a medieval tower (two bedrooms) complete with guard room and fantastic views of the dramatic confluence of the ...more

Chateau de Loire

Beaumont en Veron, Indre-et-Loire

Sleeps 16/17   Baths 7
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $8,510



Chateau Diane

Huisseau sur Cosson, Loir-et-Cher

Sleeps 16/28   Baths 8
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔   Walk to Town ✔  
Week starting at $14,400

The main castle of Chateau Diane was built in 1620. The chateau and its 32 hectares (79 acres) is blessed by Diane, the goddess of hunting. This magical property, situated on the romantic Cosson River, is located just outside the famous Chateau Chambord and close to all of the other wonders that ...more

Chateau Vienne

Vouneuil sur Vienne, Vienne

Sleeps 14   Baths 6
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $4,809

Situated in the north of the Vienne region, this late XIXth century chateau with magnificent landscaped gardens has been transformed into a luxurious rental property with seven beautifully decorated bedrooms that can accommodate up to 14 guests. Within easy reach of several regional airports, ...more

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Discover the Loire Valley with a holiday home rental in the Loire Valley of France. Browse all our luxury holiday villas and chateaux in the Loire with Rentavilla.com

Whether you are looking for a Villa rental or a Chateau rental in the Loire Valley, scroll down our listing and find your Villa rental, house or Apartment in the Loire region of France now!

Discover the Loire Valley with a holiday home rental in the Loire Valley of France. Browse all our luxury holiday villas and chateaux in the Loire with Rentavilla.com

Tips for Traveling and Renting in Loire Valley

Enchanting Pays de Loire

Just a few hours from the chic city life of Paris lies the surreal beauty of France’s Pays de Loire. Here, architecture, history, and culinary delights enchant even the most seasoned of travelers. Visitors can enjoy delicious fare from café’s in picturesque villages where turrets and ancient chimneys form the skyline and the chateaux of kings co-exist nearby. It’s no wonder that royalty, poets, and artists gravitated to this area for inspiration and joie de vivre! It truly is a feast for the senses.

A discerning French ear will find the purest French spoken here and natives and Francophiles know this geographical region as The Garden of France. The rich soil and relatively mild climate make for bountiful produce (berries, asparagus, apples, and pears), farm-fresh cheeses, and of course all those lovely vineyards! During the Renaissance-era, this fertile land fed thousands at court in the local chateaux and today supplies Parisian markets with the freshest ingredients.

A fine appreciation and cultivation of nature is at the essence of French life: you see it in the landscapes of Renaissance painters; the exquisite wines and signature cooking adored world-wide; and in the way the French live in harmony with their surroundings. The best example of this harmonious marriage with nature can be seen in the limestone cliffs above many Pays de Loire villages.

For the Active Traveler

Savor a slower pace and meander alongside the glittering river atop a bicycle. Ten years in the making, the complex 800 km Veloroute (bike route) system in complete! The Loire a’ Velo route follows the railway and links cyclists with villages and chateaux through a series of train stations—this allows you to stop and start your journey where ever you wish. In keeping with French graciousness, companies abound to rent, transport, repair, and guide cyclists on their exploration of this magnificent area with ease.

You can rest on sandy beaches along the way and spot wildlife, such as grebes, ospreys, herons, and beavers, unobserved from a speeding car or train. The route is flat and wide, like the Loire, has minimal elevation gain, and the itineraries were designed for a wide audience of riders.

Cyclists seeking more challenge can make a longer trip or change directions for an uphill ride. There is ample signage to keep cyclists oriented who may be distracted by the sudden appearance of a chateau! Relish the panoramic tableau of river, chateaux, villages, and gardens as you view them from the sky, gliding along in a hot air balloon!

Enjoy this gentle travel experience and get a different perspective on the landscape. There are several hot air balloon companies touring the Loire by sky. See which one suits your preferences!

Hot air ballooning allows you to admire the Loire Valley from above!

For the Gourmet Traveler

For the Gourmet Traveler Taste your way through the Loire with samples of the region’s exquisite wines. The French wine tradition goes back for more than a millennium, but legend has it that it elevated to new heights in the 4th century when St. Martin of Tours aided local growers with his pruning techniques. Since then, they’ve been off and running!

Part of what makes French wines so internationally lauded stems from the French concept of terroir, which is the perspective that a particular region’s wine is achieved by the vintner’s artful skill and the complex alchemy of grape variety and climate, and the clay, limestone, and mineral content of the soil in which they are grown. This is why the wines along the Loire are distinct from wines grown elsewhere with the same variety of grape, and why the French are rightly proud of their unique wines.

There are scores of amazing wines from this region, and you must not miss the chance to taste them! Most wine aficionados will recognize the Loire region’s Sancerre, Valencay, Montlouis, Pouilly Fouisse, and Vouvray. Visit one of the charming local shops for picnic fare and follow your palate along the Route des Vignobles du Val de Loire to taste some of these spectacular wines. The bulk of vineyards in this fertile land are in the Anjou-Chinon-Saumur area so oenophiles will want aim for this lovely landscape.


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