Apartment de La Grande Dame

Luxury apartment rental in Paris

Apartment de La Grande Dame

Paris, France

Apartment de La Grande Dame is located on the left bank, in the center of Paris, has 5 bedrooms and sleeps up to 9 people. Located in a modern building in the 7th arrondissement, the apartment measures over 2,000 sq. feet, has vaulted ceilings, large skylights, and parquet floors. The building is in unquestionably one of the best and safest neighborhoods of Paris and is literally across the street from the beautiful Champ de Mars Gardens and the Eiffel Tower.

grande Dame bedroom

Comfortable and inviting

The large elevator will take you to the 5th floor where you enter the main door. A short flight of stairs then takes you to the 6th floor where you will find the enormous living quarters that boasts a private outdoor terrace. Furnished with antiques and comfortable furniture, the apartment is close to the River Seine, many Parisian monuments and museums (3 blocks), cafes, shops, restaurants, and 3 open markets.

private terrace

La vie Parisienne

This part of the 7th arrondissement has uniquely retained its village feel allowing you to live "la vie Parisienne", shopping for your baguette, cooking with fresh French ingredients which you buy locally, or purchasing the ready prepared dishes and foods prepared by the French so that you don't even have to cook. The famous Rue Cler is 4 blocks away, a metro - the Duplex - is 4 blocks, and three main buses stop 1 block away. This all adds up to convenience and an experience you won't want to miss for an unforgettable stay in the City of Light.



Planning Your Next Vacation, The Efficient Way

vacation planning

We have a new Vacation Planner Form on the site that is invaluable in helping you plan your next vacation. Not only does it help you decide where to go and what you might do there, it uses our expertise to answer your questions and meet your vacation needs.

We get to know what you like to do on a vacation - just relax and sit by the pool, or explore, or visit museums and monuments, or shop, or a combination of all the above. And what kind of housing and décor are you most comfortable with - old world, contemporary, in the countryside, or the city? Are you looking for something rustic or elegant? What amenities do you want? What is your budget? What season are you looking at? How many people would you like to take with you?

The "shoulder season" is a great time to find the most popular rental properties available, and also save money as prices are reduced from high season. In many places the weather is milder in the fall and spring than It is in the summertime anyway. And if you prefer to travel with fewer tourists, this is the time to do it.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are just around the corner. Why not plan a once-in-a-lifetime reunion with the kids and grandkids, and spend a week in a large villa in Europe or Mexico? Or maybe you picture an intimate apartment for two in Paris or Rome?

Take advantage of the years of Newsletters in our Archives folder. Here you'll find all kinds of travel tips and suggestions to help make your trip more fun, interesting, and rewarding. The Travelogues always describe locations where we offer rentals. They give you ideas for planning your itinerary and list all the "must sees".



Emmanuel and niece

Emmanuel with his son, brother and nephew.

Dear Travelers and Friends,

As we are getting into the full swing of fall we still have some excellent last minute availability in Provence, Tuscany and Greece for those of you who like to experience shoulder season with fewer tourists, more mushrooms, grape harvesting, and cozy evenings by the fireplace sipping a glass of wine.

Our 2008 rates will be published in a few days. So, start searching for your 2008 rental now. To make it easier for you, we created a search button that allows you to narrow down our extensive database of properties to the villa of your dreams with just a few clicks. Try it out here.

Because of increasing demand from our foreign fellow travelers and owners, we are in the process of translating the site into several languages which will allow and other clients and owners to meet in Cyberspace. How exciting to be able to embrace the world and share cultural experiences! Another short term goal for is to create the rentavillablog which will allow our customers to publish pictures, texts and share their villa rental experiences with friends and family on the web for free, all courtesy of!! We'll keep you posted.

Bon Voyage!

Emmanuel de Ricard, President




Crustry country bread and fragrant toppings!

Bruschetta with Ammogghiu Sauce

At its most basic, bruschetta is a thick slice of crusty country bread, grilled, then rubbed while still hot with garlic and drizzled with fruity olive oil. Bruschetta can also become the base for a wide selection of savory toppings and be served as an antipasto, first course, main dish, or afternoon snack. Rough vegetable purees, white beans infused with the fragrance of herbs, coarsely mashed avocado seasoned with oregano and capers all are equally at home atop slices of warm, fragrant grilled bread. Bruschetta can also be used to create country desserts or sweet snacks, topped with fruits or spread with fresh dessert cheeses.
From Panini, Bruschetta, Crostini by Viana La Place.

1 pound red ripe tomatoes
2 medium fresh white garlic cloves, peeled
3⁄4 cup very fragrant basil leaves
small pinch hot red pepper flakes
sea salt
3 Tbsps extra virgin olive oil
6 thick slices Sicilian bread or other country bread

Plunge the tomatoes in boiling water to cover for about 10 seconds, or roast them very briefly over a grill or gas flame until just slightly charred. Peel and seed the tomatoes, and squeeze out excess water. Chop the tomatoes to a coarse puree and place in a bowl. Place on a chopping board the garlic, basil, hot red pepper flakes and a generous pinch of salt. Finely chop the ingredients, using the flat side of the blade, to make a rough pesto. Alternatively, you can use a mortar and pestle. In both methods the salt helps break down the ingredients into a pesto.

If using a chopping block, transfer the ingredients to a small bowl and beat in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil, or enough to create a loose pesto sauce. If using a mortar and pestle, add the olive oil to the ingredients in the mortar.

Add the pesto to the tomatoes and stir well. Taste and correct seasonings, adding more salt or red pepper flakes as needed. The sauce can be used immediately or left to rest at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours to develop the flavors.

Grill the bread on both sides until grill marks appear and the bread is golden and well toasted throughout. Stir the sauce well and spoon it over the bread slices. Serve immediately.

Makes 6 bruschettas



Notre-Dame Cathedral

Paris, Revisited

Who ever gets enough of Paris? No matter how many times you visit, it's always a new and exhilarating adventure to enjoy! Just like the song, "I love Paris in the Springtime, I love Paris in the Fall,...", there is no high and low season in the City of Light it's always vibrant and gorgeous. For whatever size family or group you have, can offer you wonderful accommodations in just the right area of the city. We have apartments and homes for every budget and need, so don't dismiss the idea because of special considerations.

If this will be your first visit to Paris, you will most likely want to see the most famous and notable sites, including some or all of the following:

The Louvre: This is the largest and most well known art museum in the world. It's also the largest building in Paris, and the largest palace in Europe. The entrance to the Louvre is marked by a fantastic glass pyramid designed by I. M. Pei. There are certainly too many exhibits to see in even a single long day, so I recommend you choose one wing and leave the rest for another time. The Denon Wing is probably the most popular; it's where you will view Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

Notre-Dame Cathedral: This huge Gothic masterpiece is located on the Ile de la Cite, an island in the middle of the river Seine, which is actually the birthplace of Paris. To give you an idea of the immensity of the cathedral, it's large enough to accommodate over 6000 visitors at once. Dominating the interior are three brilliant round stained glass windows, along with multiple accompanying displays of stained glass. The altar is large and elevated and along each long wall are chapels honoring the saints, including Joan of Arc. Along the left transept is an elevated depiction of the life of Christ, done in carved wooden frames, designed to reach the uneducated common people of ancient times.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower: Constructed in 1889 for the 1890 World Exposition, it was considered an engineering marvel of its time. Named after the architect Gustave Eiffel who designed it, its weight alone of over 7000 tons shook the world of architecture. You can take the elevator to 3 separate levels or climb the stairs (there are 1652 of them!). It's most impressive to see it at night when the tower's lights glitter for 10 minutes on the hour. And of course the view of the city of Paris from the tower is tremendous.

Tuilleries garden: This huge garden in the center of Paris used to be the site of roof tile factories, thus the name tuil (tile). It was designed by the same landscaper who planned the gardens of Versailles. It's between the Louvre museum and the place de la Concorde, thus handy to see between stops. Here you will enjoy fountains, statues, trees and flowers. There are several little cafes within the gardens where you can sit and relax and enjoy some refreshment as well.

Arc de Triomphe: This arc is the largest of its kind in the world. Under Napoleon's rule it was completed in 1836 as a memorial to The Unknown Soldier. It is engraved with the names of his generals who brought home victories. Twelve streets intersect the circle around the Arc, which makes it the busiest intersection in Paris.

Most visitors to Paris revel in the food and drink. Everything is delicious, whether off a vendor's cart or from a white linen covered tabletop. So, it's nice to plan some special dinners as well as visits to cafes and local neighborhood bistros. I like to start the day by getting a coffee and croissant at a bakery. You'll find these on practically every street corner. It's fascinating to "people watch" here as neighbors greet each other, laborers stop by on their way to work, businessmen read the morning paper, or people just drop by as they take their dog on a morning walk.

When you plan your activities and meals for the rest of the day, remember a couple of things. La carte (what we call a menu) is almost always posted in the window of restaurants and bistros, so you have a chance to check out the offerings and prices before being seated. If you're on a budget, you may want to choose lunch as your main meal of the day. Even in the most expensive restaurants, lunch is cheaper than dinner.

Open Road Travel Guides are impressive resources for finding the names and locations of the best eats in Paris. They even give you a price range (expensive, moderate, and inexpensive), as well as addresses and phone numbers.

If you are visiting Paris for the umpteenth time, it will be fun to emphasize a theme such as Famous Churches, Museums and Art, Opera and Music, Shopping, Nightlife and Entertainment, Holidays and Festivals, or Sports and Recreation. Taking an all day excursion outside the city may fit nicely into your plans as well. Again, Open Road Travel Guides have some lovely suggestions such as seeing the Palace of Versailles, Claude Monet's Giverny, Chartres, Chantilly, Disneyland Paris, or even a day at a cooking school in or near the city. Feel free to ask our staff for suggestions. They can help you make this your most memorable and enjoyable visit to Paris.



Chateau Lierre

16th Century Chateau Lierre

Chateau Lierre

Avignon/Aramon, France

Dating back to the 16th century, this Chateau rental in Provence has been completely restored to its original splendor. In its past life, Chateau Lierre played host to the highest church authorities awaiting audience with the Pope in the nearby Papal city of Avignon. Today, guests can marvel at its large, comfortable rooms with beautifully balanced proportions and elegant decorations.

The Chateau is surrounded by an exquisite park of nearly five acres, comprised of numerous flower beds, a generous rose garden, large shade trees, lovely pathways lined with terracotta potted plants, a lily-infused ornamental pond with terrace and fountain, and plenty of comfortable sitting and dining areas. The pool area provides a welcome oasis for those seeking plenty of sun, rest and relaxation. The large terrace is comprised of elegant white gravel and stone, suggesting an extension of the house itself. Beautiful wrought iron furniture dots the area, affording the visitor numerous places to enjoy an aperitif or an engaging book. The interiors are decorated and furnished in a period style with antiques and a Provence-inspired color palette.

Chateau Lierre's central location in Provence, and its proximity to the historical and fascinating town of Avignon, makes it the perfect choice for a unique, Provencal experience. Extra cleaning at 12 euros per hour (paid locally). Pets are welcome with an increase in the security deposit. Chef and breakfast service are available upon request at an additional cost. Ample parking is available on site.

"This was a fantastic house. The agent was great and super helpful. We used the recommended chef 4 times and wish we brought him home with us. Just great! We love southern France and hope to use you again!"

- SS, Stamford, CT.


For a little laugh

What would you get if you crossed an elephant with a chicken?
I don't know but my wife would have a terrible time getting it into the oven!

A bus driver in New Jersey got the shock of his life one day while on duty. A passenger sat down behind him, stuck a gun in his back, and told him not to make any more stops. "I'd never been hijacked before in my life it was the weirdest thing to happen on a bus," says the driver. It turns out that the hijacker, 24 year old Kevin Fritze, pulled the trick so he could get to his job on time. Unfortunately for Fritze, he was late thereafter because of his subsequent arrest!


a little laugh


a little laugh

Aren't we cute?!



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