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Bastide Vue is a gem on the French Riviera! Perched in the hills above Theoule sur mer, Bastide Vue offers guests tranquility, comfort, space and panoramic views of the Bay of Cannes! The house is spacious and can accommodate ten guests with its five bedrooms. The living areas are open and flowing, wonderful for entertaining family and friends. The large pool can be heated upon request and is surrounded by a stone terrace. Its location is ideal for exploring the Riviera with Cannes only fifteen minutes away and Nice an hour. The estate has so much to offer; guests also have access to a private tennis club. In the vicinity is a sea water therapy center, eight golf courses, mountain bike trails and ski resorts are only two hours away. Don't miss the wine cellar with its excellent choice of wines from the region! Bastide Vue is a real find!

A Florentine Recipe

Ravioli Ignudi

10 oz. Ricotta cheese
2 lb. Swiss chard (leaves only)
3 oz. Mortadella, finely chopped
1 1/3 c fresh grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
2 egg yolks, slightly beaten
2/3 c all purpose flour
1/3 c butter
8 whole fresh sage leaves

Steam or boil the Swiss chard until tender. Dry by wrapping in a towel and squeezing. Chop very fine. Add gradually to ricotta, mixing to keep it from lumping. Add mortadella, two thirds of the Parmesan, the nutmeg and eggs. Mix thoroughly. With floured hands, form oval patties about an inch wide, roll in flour, and set aside. The ravioli patties should be dropped into rapidly boiling saltwater, just a few at a time, and cooked until they rise to the surface. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, melt the butter with sage leaves and keep it warm. When you have all the ravioli cooked, pile on a nice serving dish, dust them with the remaining Parmesan and sprinkle with the melted butter and sage. Serves about 6.

Dear Travelers,

We kicked off the New Year with the addition of several new properties in Tuscany, Florence, Rome and Southern France. So, if you want first choice as you start planning this year’s travel, log on our website Again, our staff will be traveling to Europe in June and September to hand pick new properties and inspect existing ones, always striving to ensure high standards for our clients.

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments you’re sending us upon your return from Europe. And we’re delighted that the Doorways newsletter continues to reach new record response, giving us added reward for the hard work involved. As always, we would like to hear your comments on things we do well AND things we might improve. We want to always protect the friendly, family oriented business that we enjoy running and you enjoy working with.

Thanks for traveling with VillaNet and have a wonderful winter season!

Emmanuel de Ricard, President

The Genius of Michelangelo (Part I)

DavidWe all recognize the name Michelangelo and connect him with great Italian works of art. His most famous sculpture is the statue of David, which is presently displayed in the Accademia Gallery in central Florence. And of course the spectacular dome of the Sistine Chapel in Rome is his most famous painting. I've had the privilege of seeing both, and highly recommend that you visit on your next trip to Tuscany or Rome.

Michelangelo was born in 1475 near Arezzo, where his father was the magistrate of a small town. The child was put out to nurse (the custom of well-to-do families) with a family of stonecutters in Settignano. He later attributed his sculpting interest to these early beginnings. At 6 years he begged his father to let him devote his studies entirely to art, because he wasn't interested in reading, writing and language. At 13 he entered a workshop as an apprentice, where he learned to draw by copying the works of Florentine masters. When he was just 14 he had a most extraordinary meeting with Lorenzo de Medici in the Garden of San Marco, where his blossoming reputation of artistic ability gave him favor. It is said that he strolled through the garden with Lorenzo and the older man took note of a sculpture by young Michelangelo. It was a copy from an ancient statue, a sneering faun. Lorenzo gently teased him about the old man's teeth, that they looked perfect even though he shouldn't still have all his teeth at this age. So Michelangelo went to work to modify it, making the old man's mouth appear so life-like that it tremendously pleased Lorenzo. So Lorenzo met with Michelangelo's father and asked to take the boy to live with his family in the palace in Via Larga, which was agreed. This gave him continuous contact with Lorenzo's court, great teachers, artists of renown, and set him further on the road to greatness, giving him confidence and favor with kings and popes. Today when you visit Italy you will find the people very proud of their "son" and anxious to show you the quarries where he chose the stone for his sculpture, and the museums where you can view his many works of art. (Part II in March)

Kathy Hayes, Editor

You need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use the WD-40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use the duct tape.

Travel Insurance

For a reasonable percentage on your villa rental, you can purchase travel insurance. This will insure in case of medical emergency before or during your rental, so that any rental amount you paid to us will be reimbursed by the insurance company. We don't ever want you to have to use it, but it's a good idea to have in place for several reasons. We're noticing a trend of large groups getting together to travel to Europe, including family members, work buddies, college roommates, and close friends. There is a huge advantage in this because it's fun, and you can stay in a larger more upscale house if you divide the cost between several couples rather than trying to find a smaller accommodation as nice. But when your group includes a lot of people, a lot of stuff can happen. And many of these groups are "Baby boomers"; who have elderly parents at home that may be fragile at best.

We recommend Travel Guard International. For a nominal fee you will get insurance coverage for trip cancellation and/or interruption, travel delay, baggage delay, medical expense, and emergency medical transportation. You can find out more by visiting their website at or call toll free (888) 826-1300.

Kathy Hayes, Editor

Never give yourself a haircut after three alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Click to View the Property"The apartment was truly wonderful! It was far beyond our expectations. Bill the manager was great! It was so nice to come home to such a nice apartment and relax after a day of sight seeing. Thank you again for finding such a wonderful apartment for our trip!"

- GS, Seattle

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